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Areas of Interest

  • Analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit design for extreme environments (both wide temperature and radiation) across multiple semiconductor technologies
  • Ultra-low power (nano-Watt level) analog IC design for signal processing and computation
  • Multi-channel monolithic instrumentation systems
  • Gate drive integrated circuits for wide bandgap power electronics.

Current Members

George Niemela

Degree: Ph.D., Fall 2021
Project: Ultra-Low Power Sampling Methods
Degree: M.S., August 2018
Thesis: “An Ultra-Low-Power Track-and-Hold Amplifier”

Jordan Sangid

Jordan Sangid

Degree: Ph.D., Fall 2021
Project: Ring Amplifier-based Ultra-Linear Voltage Regulator
Degree: M.S., December 2019
Thesis: “GaN vs. Si for Class D Audio Applications”

Matt Seals

Degree: Ph.D., Spring 2021
Project: Robustness of Object Detection Deep Learning Models

Roy Tan

Degree: M.S., Fall 2021
Project: Integrated Charge Pump Gate Driver for Wide Bandgap-based Converter Applications

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Past Members

Spencer Raby

Degree: M.S., December 2019
Thesis: “A CMOS Sub-threshold W-2W Current mode Digital-to-Analog Converter”

Ziming Wang

Degree: M.S., December 2019

William Norton

Degree: M.S., December 2019
Thesis: “Temperature Sensitive Behavioral Modeling of Analog to Digital Converters”

Gavin Benjamin Long

Degree: M.S., May 2019
Thesis: “A Monolithic Gm-C Filter based Very Low Power, Programmable, and Multi-Channel Harmonic Discrimination System using Analog Signal Processing”

Jeffrey M. Dix

Degree: Ph.D., May 2018
Thesis: “Configurable Low Power Analog Multilayer Perceptron”

R. Kyle Harris

Degree: M.S., August 2017
Thesis: “Design of an Integrated Silicon Carbide Nonlinear-carrier PWM Controller for Boost Converter Applications”

Ben Roehrs

Degree: M.S., May 2017
Thesis: “A Sub-Threshold Low-Power Integrated Bandpass Filter for Highly-Integrated Spectrum Analyzers”
Graduation Date: May 2017

Yu Long

Degree: Ph.D., December 2016
Thesis: “Design and Analysis of a Fully-Integrated Resonant Gate Driver”

Alex McHale

Degree: M.S., August 2016
Thesis: “An Integrated IGBT Active Gate Driver with Fast Feed-Forward Variable Current”

Charles Roberts

Degree: M.S., May 2016
Thesis: “SiC Band Gap Voltage Reference for Space Applications”

Alex Roschli

Degree: M.S., May 2016
Thesis: “Dynamic Extruder Control for Polymer Printing in Big Area Additive Manufacturing”

Benjamin Prothro

Degree: Ph.D., May 2016
Thesis: “Magnetic Local Positioning System with Supplemental Magnetometer-Accelerometer Data Fusion”

Benjamin McCue

Degree: Ph.D., May 2015
Thesis: “A GHz-range, High-resolution Multi-modulus Prescaler for Extreme Environment Applications”
Degree: M.S., May 2010
Thesis: “A Fully Integrated High-Temperature, High-Voltage, BCD-on-SOI Voltage Regulator”

Jacob Hunter Shelton

Degree: M.S., May 2015
Thesis: “Radiation-Hardened Data Acquisition System Based on a Mask-programmable Analog Array”

Cory Fandrich

Degree: M.S., December 2013
Thesis: “An On-Chip Transformer-Based Digital Isolator System”

Matthew Ian Laurence

Degree: M.S., December 2013
Thesis: “A SiGe BiCMOS LVDS Driver for Space-Borne Applications”

Austin James Womac

Degree: M.S., August 2013
Thesis: “The Characterization of a CMOS Radiation Hardened-By-Design Circuit Technique”

Robert L. Greenwell

Degree: Ph.D., December 2012
Thesis: “A Highly Integrated Gate Driver with 100% Duty Cycle Capability and High Output Current Drive for Wide-Bandgap Power Switches in Extreme Environments”
Degree: M.S., December 2006
Thesis: “Design of a 5-V Compatible Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Operational Amplifier on a 3.3-V SOI CMOS Process for Wide Temperature Operation”

Chandradevi Ulaganathan

Degree: Ph.D., December 2012
Thesis: “A Charge-Recycling Scheme and Ultra Low Voltage Self-Startup Charge Pump for Highly Energy Efficient Mixed Signal Systems-On-A-Chip”
Degree: M.S., May 2007
Thesis: “Design and Analysis of a General Purpose Operational Amplifier for Extreme Temperature Operation”

Jeremy D. Brantley

Degree: M.S., August 2012
Thesis: “Analog Testing, Characterization, and Low-Order Model Extraction using LabVIEW Automation”

Kevin Tham

Degree: M.S., May 2011
Thesis: “PVT (Process, Voltage, Temperature) Compensation for Single-Slope Measurement Systems”
Graduation Date: May 2011

Kevin Omoumi

Degree: M.S., December 2010
Thesis: “Design of a High-Voltage, Differential Drive Bradbury-Nielsen Gate Amplifier with Ultra-High Slew Rate and Input Isolation”

Ross Chun

Degree: M.S., May 2010
Thesis: “A High-Voltage Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Controller ASIC for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)”

Zack Pannell

Degree: M.S., December 2009
Thesis: “Design of a Highly Constrained Test System for a 12-bit, 16-channel Wilkinson ADC”

Neena Nambiar

Degree: Ph.D., August 2009
Thesis: “A Current-Mode Multi-Channel Integrating ADC”

Saeed Ramzi Ghezawi

Degree: M.S., May 2009
Thesis: “Characterization of a 12-Bit Pipeline Analog to Digital Converter”

Suheng Chen

Degree: Ph.D., December 2008
Thesis: “A Low-power Switched Capacitor Voltage Reference”
Degree: M.S., May 2004
Thesis: “G4-FET Based Voltage Reference”

Zuoliang Ning

Degree: M.S., December 2008
Thesis: “A High Voltage CCD Sensor Control Chip for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)”

Pengfei Xi

Degree: M.S., December 2008
Thesis: “Design of a Low-Power Precision Op Amp with Ping-Pong Autozero Architecture”

Mark Hale

Degree: Ph.D., May 2008
Thesis: “A Digital-to-Analog Converter Architecture for Multi-Channel Applications”

James Vandersand

Degree: Ph.D., May 2008
Thesis: “An Analog Multiphase Self-Calibrating DLL to Minimize the Effects of Process, Supply Voltage, and Temperature Variation”

Sam Caylor

Degree: M.S., January 2008
Thesis: “A Standard CMOS Compatibles Bandgap Voltage Reference with Post-Process Digitally Tunable Temperature Coefficient”

Tony Antonacci

Degree: M.S., December 2007
Thesis: “A 64-Channel Mixed-Signal Data Acquisition System for a Solid-State High Efficiency Neutron Detector Array"

Archana Yarlagadda

Degree: M.S., December 2007
Thesis: “Analysis and Characterization of a SiGe BiCMOS Low Power Operational Amplifier”

Chandra S. A. Durisety

Degree: Ph.D., December 2006
Thesis: “A High Gain Multi-Stage Operational Amplifier using Compound Transconductance Element”
Degree: M.S., December 2002
Thesis: “Analysis and Characterization of Single-Poly Floating Gate Devices in 0.35-um PDSOI Process”

Jonathan “Lanie” Britton

Degree: M.S., December 2006
Thesis: “Design and Implementation of a Complex-conjugate Shaper and Baseline Restorer for a Silicon-based Neutron Detector Front-end”

Steven Bunch

Degree: M.S., August 2006
Thesis: “A Low Noise CMOS Charge-Sensitive Preamplifier with Pole/Zero Compensation for a Neutron Detection System”

Stephen C. Terry

Degree: Ph.D., August 2005
Thesis: “Low-Voltage Analog Circuit Design Using the Adaptively Biased Body-Driven Circuit Technique”

Jeremy Jackson

Degree: M.S., December 2003
Thesis: “Silicon-On-Insulator Power Management Integrated Circuit for Thin-Film Solid-State Lithium-Ion Micro-Batteries”

Lee-Kee Yong

Degree: M.S., August 2002
Thesis: “Complementary Body-Driving - A Low-Voltage Analog Circuit Technique Realized in a 0.35-micron SOI Process”